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What is the relationship between Mist and Ethereum Wallet?

In 0.3.6 the files are named Mist. Starting in 0.3.7 the files are named Ethereum-Wallet. Will files named Mist take over in the future, or will there be 2 ...
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Where is the updated Ethereum roadmap?

Googling "Ethereum Roadmap" just brings up outdated blog posts. Where can i find the current, updated roadmap?
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2 answers

What is the ethereum account abstraction?

This is coming up in Metropolis, but I'm having a real hard time finding an understandable explanation.
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Will metropolis delay the difficulty bomb?

Vitalik said the "ice age will be delayed anyways" (with metropolis). It's not that important or applicable either way, though on the other hand that given network going to be mucking around with ...
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Ethereum facilitation for zk-SNARKs

There has been a lot of talk about leveraging zk-SNARKs to bring privacy features to the Ethereum Blockchain. My question is, how is Ethereum facilitating the verification of zk-SNARKs at the moment, ...
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What improvements will the upcoming Byzantium fork bring to Smart Contract development?

The Ethereum Team announced recently that the Byzantium fork will happen on October 16. This will be the first phase of the Metropolis upgrade. What improvements will the Byzantium bring to Smart ...
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Will existing contracts behave differently when REVERT is implemented by Metropolis?

Solidity v0.4.10 introduced the revert() and require() functions, along with support for the REVERT opcode. As far as I can tell, this means that any contract compiled using ^0.4.10 will express ...
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Overview of Ethereum Milestones?

In 2017 there was the Metropolis hardfork. In 2018 there will be Constantinople. Is Constantinople a full PoS fork or will it be hybrid like 1 block of 200 will be PoS mined? Will there be a Casper ...
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What's Byzantium? What's Metropolis? What should I do after these happen? Will I lose my ETH?

Sorry for the noob question, but I'm really confused.. :( Is there going to be a third Ethereum? Will I have to manually upgrade somehow? Which new ETH should I use? Thanks in advance!
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What are the changes that will be included in the Metropolis/Byzantium network upgrade?

I see a number of EIPS are listed as Accepted Changes, but it is not clear if all the changes are for Metropolis/Byzantium, nor if all Metropolis/Byzantium changes are there.
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Will ᴇɪᴘ86 be implemented for Constantinople?

ᴇɪᴘ86 is said to be implemented on Metropolis hard fork. Does it means it will be implemented in the Constantinople hard fork planned next October ?
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Metropolis and Byzanium and node syncing

Greetings dear ethereum warriors, today I ran into something like that: WARN [10-09|16:19:01] Synchronisation failed, dropping peer peer=bf7660fbd24a1f07 err="retrieved hash chain is invalid" ...
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why transaction receipt's root field is always "0x" in geth 1.7?

I use geth 1.7 to set up a private network, my genesis config is this is my contract, the first transaction result is of enen(1,2); the second transaction result is of enen(0,2) why the transaction ...
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