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2 answers

Is there a way to test whether an external contract implements (or does not implement) a given interface method?

How would you determine whether a given contract implements a particular interface method without reverting? interface IRandomMethod { function getUint() external view returns (uint); function ...
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2 answers

How hackers can penetrate our smart contract function calls?

I used this code in a smart contract method on Polygon blockchain: function withdraw() public { iERC20 tether = iERC20(0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F); tether.transfer(msg.sender, ...
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"execution timeout" timeout when calling debug_trace transaction

I have one question. We have organized the ethereum en node as an archive. Since then, we have called large amounts of debug_traceTransaction to that node, but err="execution timeout" ...
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How can a bytes32[] variable have a custom method (i.e., verifyCalldata)?

Code: My question is about this verifyCalldata() call: function verifyAddress( uint256 _projectId, ...
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What is the correlation between "Hash" (Method ID) & "Name"

I was checking Etherscan and come across a deployed contract (Create contract), but the method id was 0x60a06040. I then used and found out that the ...
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About MethodID:0x095ea7b3

Everyone directs that this ID is used for approve(address,uint256), can I create my own MethodID, but the function is the same as 0x095ea7b3.
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1 answer

Calling contract method(0x..) using

How to call the method like 0x0eb0d6a5 in Seems like it is function name but is it different when calling function name?
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1 answer

Why Remix keeps giving "The requested account and/or method has not been authorized by the user" error?

I keep getting this error but, after a while, the transaction works. Is there any problem with Remix?
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1 answer

0 value method transaction

Hey I have a question hope anyone can help me understand. I withdrew some USDC from Binance to my hardware wallet and noticed an automatic 0 value usdc method transaction about 5 min later. I withdrew ...
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2 answers

How to find out the owner of the NFT, knowing the address of the NFT itself

My question is not quite simple... Is it possible to get the owner's wallet address by knowing the NFT address? Let's imagine that we already know the address of a certain NFT that some person bought ...
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2 answers

Get Method ID from all transactions in a block

I ask for your help! How do I get the Method ID for each transaction in a block. I can get the following information block = w3.eth.get_block('latest', True) print(list(block)) ['difficulty', '...
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2 answers

How to read multiple destination transactions?

I have a system that read normal token transactions with the 0xa9059cbb method, but now I'm receiving transactions like this 0x5ed78dc97ed6c4a3797be99f04977bbcfd45ca5c0ae97ade16dce69e7ecc558a with ...
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1 answer

Different between send() and sendTransaction()

I'm wondering the difference between send() and sendTransaction() in web3. Take the following test code as example: Contract: // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.0; contract ...
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4 answers

Decode multicall bytes[] into readable format?

I created a Uniswap V3 pool using UI. In Transaction multicall(bytes[] data) function was called with this parameter: [0]: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000020 [1]: ...
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2 answers

Get contract method from transaction logs

On, when looking at the Events tab, we can see the logs, and also the method name. Using web3js, I can get the logs without problem (with getPastEvents). I cannot figure out how to get ...
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0 answers

Acquiring Method data from smart contract (using Etherscan API)

I managed to make API calls for "Normal Transactions" by address. But I'm missing 2nd column from the results which is "Method". When I use "export csv" method on the ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Cant decode specific transaction input from rollups appendSequencerBatch method

I can easly decode some standard methods and their inputs to get method name and all the parametars but this one specific I cant and all I get is { method: 'appendSequencerBatch', types: [], inputs: []...
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1 answer

How can i extract an activity name of a method signature from an ABI?

I am actually working for a research, I'm studying what happened in DAO Hack and I'm looking for some infos in the ABI of TheDarkDAO's smart contract. Exactly I am trying to understand how to discover ...
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how can I categorize the transactions based on the method they call to transfer and non-transfer transactions using web3?

Blockchain explorers show "transfer" instead of the method id for some of the transactions on their list, so there should be a way to filter transactions based on the method they call. How ...
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2 answers

Web3.js calling ERC721 contract methods

I'm writing a React app that calls to see who the owner of a tokenId is. I am trying to call the built-in function ownerOf(uint256 tokenId) from the ERC721 contract. Here is my javascript code: const ...
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Index and Search Archive node database for method hash

I want to find similar method hashes, either from contract bytecode or transaction hashes (which in theory are the same because the contract bytecode comes from a contract creation transaction) I have ...
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Which one is better visibility option of solidity method?

I have a external method declared. At some point I realized that I need to call that external method from one of the another method within a contract and which is not possible. There are options to ...
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