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What is the most efficient way of whitelisting at this moment in solidity?

Normal whitelisting setter functions are the most basic ones, I came across two more ways, Merkle Tree and signature-based whitelisting. The question I had is: Are the gas usage differences among ...
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How can a bytes32[] variable have a custom method (i.e., verifyCalldata)?

Code: My question is about this verifyCalldata() call: function verifyAddress( uint256 _projectId, ...
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BLUR airdrop claim explained - embedding a proof into a transaction

Recently, I saw that Blur had a twitter dependent airdrop. So basically you had to tweet and then you would get the option to claim tokens. I went to analyze the code, but it is overwhelming for me. ...
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Merkle tree airdrop how to build

I am writing an ERC20 token contract (contract token) with a mint of 2 million tokens. I am also writing a Merkle tree airdrop contract and sending it to this contract (contract Merkle tree). So, let'...
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Smart Contract: false Transaction mined but execution failed (Merkle trees)

I'm trying to implement a smart contract whitelist using Merkle trees. I have been following along This tutorial. However, instead of using the generate part, I used the online tool here: https://lab....
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How to compute witness for Merkle tree proof using Zokrates?

I am trying to learn how Zero Knowledge proof for Merkle tree verification work. Therefore I am using this example from Zokrates: import "hashes/pedersen/512bit" as hash; import "hashes/...
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Question about verification in Merkle Trees

I have a general understanding of Merkle trees but I'm still not sure how the root or merkle hash can be used to proof the integrity of the transactions below it. For example in this picture (https://...
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Uncertain MerkleTree Algorithm

I'm building my own MerkleTree algorithm however I found out that the root value generated from my MK algorithm is not the same that I generated from the online generator https://prathamudeshmukh....
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Implementing Merkle Tree off chain

I have basic understanding of Merkle Tree and how it works, now I am implementing it to my smart contract as whitelist verification. I stored the root in smart contract, implemented the verify ...
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Reversing the input of a merkle tree

I'm trying to reverse the input of a Merkle tree by comparing a proof from the original tree and the proof I am generating myself. Original proof: [ "...
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Is there a way to prove that a previous transaction was mined in solidity?

Context We are working on a charity NFT, and we want to gate minting to those who have ALREADY donated to the charity by sending ETH to the charity wallet. This makes things cleaner for tax write off ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Python Merkle Tree Libraries Don't Produce The Same Merkle Root As Node.js's "merkletreejs"

I have been trying to create merkle tree proofs in python. In a whitelisted NFT project, I've used npm's merkletreejs which is a JavaScript library and it worked beautifully. Here is the Github page ...
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use javascript merkle tree to generate hex proof for solidity merkletree validation

Here is my js code of generating hex proof for solidity verification const express = require('express') const { MerkleTree } = require('merkletreejs'); const { bufferToHex } = require('ethereumjs-util'...
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Merkletree proof

in js i want array like this let arr = ["a","b","c"] but i am getting arr = ['a','b','c'] is there any way to do this? Notes : it's for merkletree to send proof through ...
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Error when using Merkle Proof with a lot of leaves

I have merkle proof integrated into our smart contract to implement a whitelist. It works nicely, but when I use a list of a lot of addresses (around 200), I run into issues. The proof for any address ...
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How does the Merkle proof mechanism exactly work in Ethereum? This is straightforward in bitcoin but

I've searched this site and elsewhere but can't find anywhere this is explained. In bitcoin, it's straightforward. If you're a light client (SPV) in bitcoin, I understand how with the regular Merkle ...
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Feedback on Implementing Merkle Airdrop for Rug Pull Victims

Summary: Developed a smart contract that enables the GovernorDAO Community to un-rug the CBDAO Rug Pull victims by providing them with a Merkle Distribution Airdrop. Over 1/3 of an already-minted ...
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Does it possible to perform Merkle root proof with filters?

I have a centralized e-commerce system with orders table inside. There are few order categories inside this system such as: Pending payment Pending shipping Pending delivery Completed Cancelled I ...
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