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error: Storage location can only be given for array or struct types

Getting the error "Storage location can only be given for array or struct types" in a setup function. The exact line is uint memory _total = 0; I'm confused by the error, because I'm not trying to ...
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What is the composition of the blockchain database?

From axic's explanation of the structure of the ethereum database, we learned that data is stored in Merkle Patricia tries, usually inside a LevelDB store. It consists of structures such as blocks, ...
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Can I save structs in a Mapping?

Is it possible to store structs in a Mapping or any dynamic memory structure in my Solidity SmartContract?
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What does the keyword "memory" do exactly?

I've been looking through the code of Etherdice and noticed that some variables are declared like ParserResult memory result; and I haven't found the keyword "memory" in any documentation. ...
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In solidity, how can I hardcode bytes > 32 bytes

I want to create a contract with a hardcoded bytes variable. contract Test(){ function Test(){ bytes x = 0x..... //greater than 32 bytes } } The above returns a Type int_const not ...
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Difference between Memory and Storage?

What is the difference between Memory and Storage ? From both the EVM point of view and the contract design one. Thanks!
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