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Questions tagged [mauve-paper]

Used to ask questions or get clarification about the subjects covered in Vitalik Buterin's Ethereum mauve paper. Good questions will be highly-technical and/or protocol-level questions, rather than the "how do I..." style. Great for inspiring discussions and getting clarification about specific passage you haven't quite grasped or understanding how a subject fits into the larger protocol.

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4 votes
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Proof of stake, mauve paper - glossary of terms

Just getting my head around some of the concepts in Vitalik Buterin's Mauve paper. There are a few terms for which I don't yet have a clear definitions. These include the terms below (shown with my ...
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2 votes
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Is the mauve paper still actual?

I would like to know if the mauve paper is still actual or it is better to rely on the sharding FAQ and Proof of stake FAQ or on other sources?
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