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macOS (formerly known as OS X or Mac OS X) is the desktop operating system from Apple, found on Macintosh computers. Use this tag only if your question relates to using macOS APIs or macOS-specific behavior, not because you happen to run your code on macOS. Questions relating to using or troubleshooting macOS are off-topic, and belong to the Ask Different community.

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Having trouble finding and uninstalling local solc versions to enable solc-select

Years ago, I used Homebrew to install ethereum and solidity. Lately, I've been trying to use solc-select, but as its documentation states, it doesn't work when there's a local copy of solc already ...
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MacOS two nodes on same test network. "datadir already used by another process"

I am very new so thanks for the help, On MacOs I'm trying to attache two nodes to a private network, one node is succesfully launched to an existing bootnode. Everything I've read says to launch the ...
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Can't install Truffle Framework to Mac OS Big Sur

so I checked to see if I had the latest version of nodejs, and it turns out that I do. kalebamarante$ node -v v15.5.0 then I tried installing a version of Truffle and it didn't work ~ kalebamarante$ ...
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mist or wallet for macos can't connect to private-net

mist or wallet for macos(version 0.11.1) can't connect to private-net. using command: ./Ethereum\ Wallet --rpc http://localhost:8545 but mist or wallet (version 0.9.3) works. why? tks!
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ETH stuck in MIST (MAC)

i have a big problem i can't solve myself. my parents bought eth a while ago and stored it on their (old) mac (mist wallet). the wallet wasn't updated half a year or something. unfortunately the mac ...
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error building solidity compiler with `brew upgrade`. build from source?

This is the error message I got after recently running brew upgrade: The command which solc, still outputs: /usr/local/bin/solc Is this a problem? Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall my ...
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