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Questions tagged [machine-learning]

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Is there ever going to be some kind of parallelism in Ethereum or any L2?

Suppose I have a long array of values: x = [1, 2, 3, ..., N] # shape [N, ] array and a function def f(x): return x ** 2 then I'd do something like (similar to python's multiprocessing) with ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Incorporating AI/Machine Learning (e.g., Recurrent Neural Networks) into EVM/Solidity via Oracles

I am exploring the viability and avenues to incorporate AI/ML with EVM and/or Smart Contracts via solidity or oracles. For example, I wish to leverage Recurrent Neural Networks, which demonstrates ...
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Storing CSV dataset in a block/Genesis Block of a Blockchain and using Time-Series prediction

I want to store a CSV dataset in blockchain and apply Time Series Prediction on the basis of the provided dataset. Can we add the predicted value back into the dataset to use it for the next time ...
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Integrating ML with blockchain

I am currently doing a blockchain project on fake news detection. I have created all the smart contract part and frontend for the app. Now I want to use ML to detect fake news which is stored in ...
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hash file Model (Machine learning algorithm)

I want to implement a model file (SVM for example) in a smart contract to do hash. is this idea correct? How and where can I start? can i use IDE remix solidity to implement all this. Thank you.
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