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EIP1559. Transaction type 0 and type 2

After the activation of the London hard fork, EIP1559 proposed a new type of transaction - type 2. Such transactions have a base fee that will be burned, and maxPriorityFeePerGas, which incentivizes ...
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Why transaction gas used increased after London hardfork?

I am developing a smart contract and I recently updated Hardhat to 2.6.x, which has london hardfork as default network settings. My issue is that gas used by my transaction increased by more than 50% ...
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Enormous suggested fees on metamask after the EIP-1559

We have to react based app that is responsible for connecting with the NFT contract and calling the "mint" function. To call the function, the contract will ask for 0.06ETH, and the amount ...
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Getting current base fee from json rpc

I'm looking for a way to fetch current base fee using JSON RPC (and go-ethereum ethclient.Client as client) I'm aware of new JSON RPC eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas which gives me second parameter - but ...
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How to send eip 1559 txn using web3?

I am sending my txn like this but it is sent as legacy type only
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What will happen to the current txs in the mempool post EIP-1559?

The London hardfork is estimated to go live in ~3 hours at the time of posting this question, which introduces a major change in the transaction pricing mechanism of Ethereum, EIP-1559. What will ...
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What can be expected in terms of gas prices for the next Ethereum iterations?

Starting Ethereum dev here full of dApp projects. My concern is fees. Most of my applications are unfeasible at the current gas prices. How could I sell a digital product that costs 10 dollars with a ...
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What changes to the RPC return data will appear due to London hard fork?

I recently upgraded my node software (OpenEthereum) to the London hard fork. As part of my testing, I noticed a new field from the eth_getTransactionReceipt called effectiveGasPrice. Simple enough... ...
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