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Is Ethereum capable of having dynamicly typed languages?

I am wondering if it is at least theoretically possible for Ethereum to have a language that is loose/weak typing. From what I've seen all the languages on Ethereum are static typed. My understanding ...
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What are the limitations I should expect when going for LLL instead of Solidity?

I kind of like Lisp and this is simply a small side project. I was wondering what would I lose from Solidity's ecosystem.
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Unable to reproduce Keccak256 "hello world" hash within EVM

My toy program contains the following lines: (seq (def 'hash 0x47173285a8d7341e5e972fc677286384f802f8ef42a5ec5f03bbfa254cb01fad) (def 'result ...
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LLL preprocessing/optimization issue

I have written a simple nested macro in LLL, but I can't get it to reduce to the simplest expression when calling the compiler with the optimization option. My macro looks like this: (def 'mcopy (pos ...
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Could Ethereum obtain broad contract language support like NEO?

I recently saw NEO being advertised as Ethereum but with multiple language support for smart contracts. Is this really something that Ethereum lacks? Is it not technically possible to build more ...
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Developing a lisp(y) contract language

While it would not be possible to implement everything, could it be useful for domain specific applications to have a lisp based contract language that implements a certain subset of features? ...
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Is LLL still used as language?

What is the state of the contract programming language LLL (Lisp-Like Language)? Is it still used and supported?
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