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Verifying the contents of a linked list

In my contract, I need to keep track of an ordered list of addresses based on some parameter. To avoid excessive use of storage I have opted for a linked list where each address records in a mapping ...
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error when working with arrays: DeclarationError: Undeclared identifier

**I am developing a smart contract distributor in the solidity language that will accept BEP20 tokens from the owner with the special contract address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000. the owner of the ...
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Get last contract list

Hi i'm trying to get last contract with api i do : but result is : {"status":"0","message":&...
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How to get the list of all Ethereum addresses (with AND without balance)

In order to make a full analysis of Ethereum's blockchain, I need a list with all the Ethereum addresses ever appeared. The size of this file does not matter. On internet I have only found the list ...
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What is the most gas efficient way to read and write to global contract state?

Say I have a complex(list, mapping or struct) global/contract variable. What is the most gas efficient way to update that variable in a function that changes the value of one or more indexes, values ...
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Unexplained listing alert

Sorry for the newbie question But there are actually telegram channel which deliver listing alert seconds to minutes before the actual listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko They claim they dont work ...
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Iterate through a sequence of numbers like an array

I would like to be able to send a fairly long (uint256) sequence of numbers from web3 to solidity and then iterate through the sequence in my solidity function. Web3 code would be something like: ...
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Is there a compiled list of ERC20 with names and contracts?

I see that Etherscan has a list of nearly 900 ERC20 token contracts, but with a number at the top that says"A total of 453,463 Token Contracts found". Is there a more compiled list out there ...
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