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What can be the name of tokens which traps investors in a high APY staking program? (by offering them a high APY)

I called it myself a STAKING TRAP, because i didn't find any term for this type of scam. now maybe you ask yourself what i mean exactly by a STAKING TRAP? it is RUG PULL method by offering victims a ...
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How to fetch Lido current Staking APR

I am building a project in which I need Lido current APR to show in the frontend. Is there any API from them that can provide me their current APR? I am not able to find such API in their docs.
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Mining pool rewards erc-20 smarts contract [duplicate]

I was contacted from a girl of Singapore,she told me to join the website,with 1k of buying USDT erc-20,every day I withdraw 30 dollar,but today I accept this partecipation for the claim the ...
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Staking contract where APY depends on user pariticipation in pool

I'm trying to build a staking contract. The contract has following constarints: the APY from the staking pool will depend on users participation. i.e, more users, less rewards. The total awards to be ...
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Creating a test blockchain that can sync with other nodes

I'd like to create a test Blockchain to experiment on Liquid staking. It would require to have several nodes to be able to sync together and have several validators on this testnet. However the only ...
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