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Do consensus-clients connect with any discv5 peer or is there any optimization?

I am looking at optimising connections between validators, and I was wondering how eth2 consensus clients handle this currently. Reading the specs at consensus-specs I couldn't find anything very ...
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How can I easily get the Ethereum 2.0 network's fork digest and fork version?

Ethereum 2.0 nodes communicate through a libp2p network. Two indicators of talking to "correct" nodes on the same network are the "fork digest" and the "fork version" ...
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Replication of Files across a Private IPFS Network

I want to create a private IPFS Network in which nodes should be able to add data and share the Hash with other nodes in the network so that they will be able to access the files and make them ...
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Error while importing Libp2p package in blockchain

I have installed some js-libp2p's packages on my Ethereum Blockchain-ipfs project and I wrote some codes like below. const TCP = require('libp2p-tcp'); const MulticastDNS = require('libp2p-mdns'); ...
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LibP2P v DevP2P

Why is are new projects (ETH 2.0, Polkadot (Substrate) ) favouring Libp2p over DevP2P? I have seen this answer, but it doesnt really drawn strict comparisons. What is the distinction between libp2p, ...
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What is the distinction between libp2p, devp2p and RLPx?

What is the distinction between libp2p and devp2p? Do they refer to the same thing? How are they related to RLPx? In the libp2p whitepaper, dated Nov 2014, they appear to be the same thing: libp2p ...
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