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1 answer

Layer2: Revert Execution Error when Calling exactInputSingle in Uniswap V3

Hello Stack Overflow Community, I am working on swapping tokens in a base layer2 network using Uniswap V3 and ethers.js. I have successfully approved the transaction using the approve function, but ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How transaction fee is calculated in case of L2?

In case of L1, the transaction fee is typically calculated as the product of gas price and gas usage, i.e., txFee = gasPrice * gasUsage One such example can be seen in this transaction. In which the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Gasless transaction and easy token Solidity receiver callbacks for ERC-20 tokens

I am planning a token swap for an old pre-ERC-20 token. The new token will have its ledger smart contract written from a scratch. While doing it, I would like to integrate new EIP features to the ...
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How to broadcast a transaction directly to a centralised sequencer (Arbitrum/Optimism/others)

Most layer two chains have their centralised sequencer which operates first-come-first-server, or so-called fair sequencing manner. If you use the centralised sequencer, there are no Malicious ...
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