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Questions tagged [kaleido]

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0 votes
2 answers

Kaleido chainid when connecting Metamask

In Kaleido docs (, it is stated that chainID is optional but this is misleading. Metamask does not allow user to save without chainid.
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Chainlink services are not supporting the privateFor transactions in Quorum/Kaleido

We are exploring Kaleido and Chainlink for one of our use cases. What we have done: We have created a network of Quorum/Raft nodes. We had setup the chainlink service for the network. We have setup ...
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1 vote
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Gas price is reverted to be zero after updating using REST API on a Kaleido node

For those who have used Kaleido nod I'm running a PoA node on Kaleido and I want to set the minimal gas price for the node. I followed the instruction below to update a node configuration using REST ...
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Kaleido private network transaction exited with an error (status 0) after consuming all gas

I've created a private PoA network with two geth nodes using Kaleido (release 1.0.13) and am trying to deploy some smart contracts to it using the drizzle-kaleido-box boilerplate from truffle. The ...
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Connection dropped by Kaleido websocket

Connecting to Kaleido with websockets and listening on contract events works fine, but after some time (even if constantly receiving events) the connection is dropped by Kaleido. The problem appears ...
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3 answers

The method eth_chainId does not exist/is not available

I'm having troubles when estimating the gas to call to one of the methods of my contract deployed in kaleido. I've successfully deployed the contract through Remix. Also from Remix I can call all my ...
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2 answers

Chainlink Kaleido Contract compilation

I am trying to re-compile the ChainlinkEthPrice contract found in the Kaleido Sample Gallery here: Codes as ...
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