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What is JITVM in Geth?

What is JITVM, what it is used for and what is its relation with --fastflag? And also how is it different than EVM. Are they both same if not than what's the difference?
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Why I can not use ./geth --testnet --fast --cache=1024 --jitvm for geth 1.4.7?

I tried two times. Each time block count is for mainnet and there is no any chaindata for testnet
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3 votes
1 answer

What optimizations does Geth's --jitvm do?

geth help has: VIRTUAL MACHINE OPTIONS: --jitvm Enable the JIT VM --forcejit Force the JIT VM to take precedence --jitcache "64" Amount of cached JIT VM programs What ...
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What is Geth's JIT VM?

Whilst downloading the blockchain which has taken me approximately a week to get to block 1.09 mil, I received a message from geth.exe after a reboot around 1050999 -1060888 You're one of the lucky ...
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