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1 answer

Can EVM Istambul release run contracts compiled with solidity up to v0.8.4?

Reading from the Solidity release notes, for release 0.5.14 I read "Set the default EVM version to Istanbul". While for 0.8.5 I read: "Set the default EVM version to Berlin". Does ...
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I can no longer access old blocks via RPC in full syncmode?

I have a private network based on geth v1.9.25. I upgraded from v1.8.27. Recently, I saw that I'm unable to access the previous blocks at all. Like, e.g. eth.getBlockByNumber(1) gives me null, even ...
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What are the changes to EVM from Constantinople fork and later forks? [duplicate]

What are the changes to EVM from Constantinople fork and later forks? Could you tell me which commit in git? Or Could you provide a list? Thank you!
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Is it safe to do multiple payments in between locks (Reentrancy Guard)? provides a simple example related to using a Reentrancy Guard. Another approach to preventing reentrancy is to ...
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Does ganache-cli support istanbul hardfork?

I am trying to run ganache-cli with istanbul --hardfork, but I am having following error: Error: Hardfork istanbul not set as supported in supportedHardforks $ ganache-cli --version Ganache CLI v6.4....
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Contract function involving transfer to another contract constantly fails

Tx example: (note Rinkeby network) Function code: function withdrawBalance() external { ...
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Should I stop the geth node during hard-fork?

As the countdown on, should I need to stop my geth node before hard-fork? Or I could continue to syncing during hard-fork. Thanks alot.
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21 votes
2 answers

Is transfer() still safe after the Istanbul update?

In other words, is using transfer() safe? function transfer(address contractB) public { contractB.transfer(1000); //balances[msg.sender] -= 1000; } How about using call.gas? function ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Remix always throws the error: exceeds block gas limit

Dear Ethereum developers. I started to learn Solidity this week and am trying to deploy a contract via Remix, but this doesn't really work. Running environment is set as Web3 Provider. (Because the ...
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