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How to Statefully Fuzz in Foundry without Invariants?

I want to Statefully (not Statelessly) Fuzz my Protocol. However, I don't have any Invariants to check. I just want to call all of my Protocol's functions, and see if anything breaks. This is my ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Invariant Testing: Bounding an input parameter to the output of contract-specific functions

Foundry’s invariant testing allow us to declare a set of truths that should always hold no matter which action or sequence of action is performed. We declare these truths and then Foundry sets the ...
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1 answer

invariant tests not fuzzing using foundry

I am writing invariant tests using a handler contract in foundry. However, for some reason, the handler contract is not fuzzing (I know because when I run forge test --mt assertSomething It doesn't ...
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