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How to record proof of contract exploit on-chain?

Suppose one want to insure from certain contract hacks. Do do that in non custodial manner, we need some way to detect hack on-chain. I see some obvious ideas, like "if one wallet stores more ...
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Automate Chainlink Get API

I am working on a Parametric Insurance contract, the API call is working as expected, but I need to automate the call to the requestRainData() function. I need to constantly check if the rain MM in a ...
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Contract deploys and gets funded but gives 'Gas estimation failed' error later on

I am updating a parametric insurance smart contract written last year and have run into a problem. I am able to successfully deploy the insurance provider contract (the parent contract) and fund it ...
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What exactly is the role of Oracles like Chainlink in decentralized insurance?

I am from the insurance industry, and I'm trying to understand if there's any value that blockchains and smart contracts can provide in this domain. I'm trying to understand things at the conceptual ...
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Insurance platform's and Ethereum smart contracts

I am trying to create a proof of concept for an insurance platform, a one that deals with risk and selling promises of coverage. A similar idea will be the car insurance platform's where you pay each ...
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Smart Contracts and Insurances, how is an event determined?

I recently came across this article: There they claim to have built an Flight Insurance Smart Contract ...
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How can Ethereum be useful in Insurance Industry? [closed]

How Ethereum can be useful to Insurance Industry ? I'm a Web Developer, still learning about Smart Contracts, and familiar with Blockchain fundamentals to some extent. Came across ...
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