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Questions tagged [immutable]

The immutable keyword can be used on state variables which causes them to be read-only, but assignable in the constructor. The value will be stored directly in the code.

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does solidity compiler convert to immutable implicitly?

I was wondering if the solidity compiler automatically sets a state variable to immutable if it is never modified? example contract MyContract { uint256 myNumber; constructor(uint256 _myNumber){ ...
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How Ethereum NFT Protect Artist Work ( How NFT IMMUTABILITY works on BLOCKCHAIN)?

Hi Guys let discuss how NFT Immutable works on ethereum blockchain I'm new to nft, just created my first one with opensea:) as in image1. My question Is my art ...
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Store string as immutable

I want to deploy an nft contract and i want to enter URI in constructor: string immutable i_uri; constructor(string memory name, string memory symbol, string memory uri) ERC721(name,symbol) { ...
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Sent etherium from Stake to my immutable wallet. Didn't get anything

I sent around 0.04 ETH to my etherium wallet, (which is connected with my email). I didn't receive anything in my wallet and now I'm wondering if I could get it. I'm new to crypto and don't really ...
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Spotting Admin keys

Doing some research on a few different Ethereum contracts. Is there a good way to tell if a contract has admin keys to invalidate tokens in a wallet or change the code after deployment? Basically I ...
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