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Demonstrating Immutability and Transparency in a Blockchain: Observing Data Retrieval Across Nodes

I have developed a decentralized application (DApp) on a blockchain platform and I'm keen on verifying the fundamental principles of immutability and transparency that blockchain technology offers. ...
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How are cases of wrong data published to the blockchain handled?

How are cases of wrong data published to the blockchain handled? Let's say I am Defi protocol or even an oracle...and shit always happens, there was a mistake somewhere and the wrong data get ...
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If blockchain is immutable and the data once stored on blockchain can not be changed, then how can we change the state variable in solidity?

I am new to blockchain. I have some idea about blockchain and solidity. Smart contract get stored on blockchain as byte code. And the state variables we create also stored in blockchain. How is it ...
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How Ethereum NFT Protect Artist Work ( How NFT IMMUTABILITY works on BLOCKCHAIN)?

Hi Guys let discuss how NFT Immutable works on ethereum blockchain I'm new to nft, just created my first one with opensea:) as in image1. My question Is my art ...
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How to kill a contract in ethereum?

I'm trying to kill this contract /** *Submitted for verification at on 2016-08-31 */ //sol Wallet // Multi-sig, daily-limited account proxy/wallet. // @authors: // Gav Wood <g@...
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How permanent is data stored in Ethereum?

Does it all depend on the availability of nodes? What if say there's 1 node left in Ethereum, will that node contains the entire blockchain?
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What happens to immutable contracts when Ethereum 2.0 will likely change the 15s block time?

Immutable contracts that need to have a time system for handling their functions process are mostly based on block.number system. They assume there is about 15seconds between each block and thus ...
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How the "data" field of transaction is saved in the Ethereum blockchain? [closed]

as I imagine there are 2 options: in pseudo language: 1) block.add(; block.calculate_hash_for_blockchain(); 2) block.add(some_hash_function(; block.calculate_hash_for_blockchain(); ...
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Demonstrate immutability in an Ethereum blockchain

I am currently using a private Ethereum setup with 3 nodes. As part of the demo of my project, I need to demonstrate that Ethereum is immutable. How do I show it using geth? The audience of my ...
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How do we achieve immutability within a contract on the blockchain?

Am relatively new to the realm of Dapps and blockchain in general, and if you ask someone well-informed about the characteristics of blockchains, the word "immutable" will invariably appear in the ...
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