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How to setup a high performance parity RPC service?

I'd like to provide the RPC service from a parity daemon hosted in EC2. There're multiple options regarding the instance type, if it's for production, should I choose "compute optimized" or "storage ...
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How to accept Ethereum payments on a membership video streaming site?

What is the best way, or are there any regulated payment merchants besides BitPay, to accept recurring subscription fees in Ethereum, for example, on a video streaming site? Or would it be better to ...
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Where to host web3.js and Infura websocket project?

I am working on a simple twitter bot to log sales of an NFT collection by subscribing to the Transfer event on the smart contract and posting a tweet after gathering info about the event. This works ...
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requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=7545): Max retries exceeded with url

I created a blockchain app using Ethereum, I downloaded a virtual box. I activated the smart contract on the virtual box and connected it to the Python file on the original device. When the ...
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