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Ethereum NFT minting successful, but still gives this error

I am trying to build a Ethereum NFT minting website where the website users can mint NFTs on blockchain without an external wallet (e.g. Metamask). I asked a question here before and got reply as to ...
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How to send transaction to payable contract on Binance Smart Chain without Metamask

Suppose there is a live contract (on live network, not test network) out there on Binance Smart Chain and it has a payable function that I want to use. I want to use web3 to send a transaction and ...
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Is it possible to have several instances of Web3 object in the same dApp?

I need to access two smart contracts through two different providers in the same app, is it possible to have two instances of Web3 in the same dApp. Something like this: const web3 = new Web3(); const ...
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How to use truffle HDWalletProvider to get more then 10 addresses with funds for test purpose

How do I need to call HDWalletProvider to get for example 50 addresses with funds? The networks part in my truffle.js configuration file looks like this: networks: { development: { provider: ...
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Dockerized Ganache-cli + HdWallet Provider?

Does anyone have any experience connecting an instance of HdWalletProvider to a dockerized Ganache-Cli? Having trouble connecting with, or ganache-cli:8545, or anything other form ...
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Signing Ropsten transactions with

I am trying to sign transactions using the Web3 HDWalletProvider package and an infura API. I am using the following code: const Web3 = require('web3'); const Web3HDWalletProvider = require("web3-...
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hdwallet-provider set multiple account addresses when deploy contract

I'm using for deploying contracts hdwallet-provider, but I have issue on client side to get multiple accounts using web3.eth.getAccounts() call. I know this is like duplicate question and truffle ...
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Truffle Migrations run only if not dry run (different account0 in dry run)

I noticed that using HDWalletProvider using the account parameter in the migration you get random/unexpected accounts during dryRun. I added a safety line that an address should be as expected but ...
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