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Getting trading data efficiently

How can I get historical trading data of an NFT collection programmatically? If it's a third party that can provide a service, please let me know and which one's are best too! thanks
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Is there a script to automatically re-deploy a subgraph?

I have a subgraph that is running on a EC2 Instance and I want to be able to re-compile it, re-generate it and re-deploy it every time a configuration changes. When I say configuration, I refer to the ...
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Storing Graphs in Ethereum to detect Changes

I am new in Blockchain and keep learning and experimenting with Ethereum and Solidity. Yet my knowledge is not enough to know whether the following scenario can be implemented with Ethereum. The ...
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Return transactions for a specific pair - TheGraph

I am trying to return the latest 1000 transactions for a specific pair in Uniswap V2 using The Graph playground. The pair I am using is for USDC/WETH and its id is: ...
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Problem compiling subgraph with graph-ts new version

I'm getting this error: ERROR TS2322: Type '~lib/@graphprotocol/graph-ts/common/value/Value | null' is not assignable to type '~lib/@graphprotocol/graph-ts/common/value/Value'. I know it is for this ...
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The Graph nodes can't decode ABI encoded data containing arrays

I'm currently having an issue with decoding a function call inside a Subgraph mapping that seems to be related to builtin abi decoder of a Graph node: Given this input: ...
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'Invalid account name or access token' when deploying to Thegraph

I'm currently working on deploy a subgraph to the hosted service on thegraph. It's to track volume and liquidity of a new token on the bsc. The thing is, I'm using a v1 clone from PCS, and everything ...
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Subgraph (Graph Protocol) not building out of schema correctly

Doing a quick start tutorial to get back in the subgraph mode and my mapping (even though very simple) is not building. The types will compile, but I cannot deploy it due to it being unable to build. ...
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TheGraph is not connecting to IPFS locally

I have a Graph local node set up using this tutorial. When I am trying to deploy it, its not going through with the following error message: Add file to IPFS build/schema.graphql ⠋ Upload subgraph to ...
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Failed to deploy to Graph node: Ethereum network not supported by registrar: mainnet

I followed this tutorial on the graph document: However, I got an error message after I run yarn deploy-local. Failed to deploy to Graph node ...
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GraphQl Query to get Uniswap OHLC data through The Graph

I tried searching through whole doc of The Graph but couldn't get a way to get OHLC data of Uniswap pair swaps. Where can I find such a query. Is this even possible? Thanks
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Do Graph queries have a maximum response size?

I'm running a Graph node for a personal project and I'm wondering if there is a defined maximum response size for queries. I see that pagination is an option according to the documentation, but it's ...
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Graph traversals on Ethereum, at scale

I read the Efficient Solidity storage pattern for a directional weighted graph thread, but that deals with storing graphs. I'm interested in techniques for how to traverse graphs in Solidity, at scale....
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Is there a graph data structure in solidity?

I am trying to achieve a file lineage information Dapp and I need a graph kind of data structure for that. I know I can always write one but is there a ready to use data structure that is efficient ...
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Efficient Solidity storage pattern for a directional weighted graph

I would like my graph's nodes to each have a struct of data and 0 or more pointers to other nodes. It needs to be efficient for insertions of new nodes in between two existing nodes. Should I use ...
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How to get a call graph for the binary code of a contract?

I need a call graph generator for the assembler level of smart contract code in order to analyse solidity compiler bugs. In that way, porosity is excatly what I need ! However there are too much bugs ...
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Problem with array of adresses

I have following code of my smart contract, it has simple problem: browser/Referrals.sol:100:35: TypeError: Type function (uint256) pure returns (address[] memory) is not implicitly convertible ...
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what types of graph data are produced by the ethereum network? [closed]

I'm curious, what sort of node-link graph data is produced by the Ethereum network? I imagine there there is a graph of all transactions, and a higher level graph of miners and the blocks they mined. ...
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Where can I find transactions per second statistics?

A few days ago Vitalik claimed Ethereum was doing 8 transactions per second. The tweet linked to Etherchain, which doesn't seem to have a transactions per second graph. Where can I find an Ethereum ...
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