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Questions tagged [grammar]

Questions related to spelling and use cases of terms.

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1 answer

What's mean from expression InterfaceName(0xABCD.....) , oxABCD is an contract address?

Here is an example i see in cource code off bunny finance
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1 answer

What does ':' mean in solidity?

function bid(bytes32 blindBid) public payable validPhase(Phase.Bidding) { bids[msg.sender] = Bid({ blindedBid: blindBid, deposit: msg.value }); } I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

grammar: is "ether" countable?

Which of the following sentences is correct: Doing X using ether Doing X using ethers Thank you.
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6 votes
1 answer

Solidity Documentation vs Grammar, which one is the most correct?

I was using the solidity grammar specification to write a parser in Smalltalk. After coding a first version of the parser, I started ...
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2 answers

EVM grammar in ANTLR or something similar?

Where can I find a machine readable grammar for EVM? (and for Solidity) Also, apart from Solidity, what other high-level languages currently exist that compile to EVM opcodes? The reason I am asking ...
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11 votes
5 answers

BNF grammar definition for Solidity

I scoured the Mix and Solidity repos for something like a formal definition of the language's grammar, so that one may generate parsers using tools like GrammarKit, but couldn't find anything. Any ...
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