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Would transactions be committed back to the mainnet by sidechains?

When an L2 solution such as a sidechain like Polygon or xDai commits back to the Ethereum mainnet at every of its intervals, do the transactions, storage in the smart contracts, and everything that ...
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Gnosis safe transactions fails with code 803

I launched the infrastructure of gnosis locally with safe-infrastructure repository and set up there Aurora mainnet chain in config service: { "next": null, "previous": ...
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gnosis safe: encoding simulated transactions

I am trying to batch multiple actions inside of a metadata transaction like so: const transactions: MetaTransactionData[] = [{ to: MODULEPROXYFACTORY, data: factoryInit, value: "0&...
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How to transfer BEP20 tokens from duplicate Safe created on Binance Smart Chain through safe-cli

I accidentally transferred some BEP20 tokens to my Ethereum safe address. To recover those funds, I contacted your support team, who advised us to create a duplicate safe on the BSC network. We ...
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What are the node providers for Genosis Network (xDai)?

Which node provider can be used to fork Genosis Network (xDai) using brownie? Alchemy, infura and moralis does not provide service. I tried getBlock but doesn't work at all.
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AOX and Optimism Safe when?

Been testing with gnosis xdai optimism and xdai arbitrium (Aox) Congrats guys Now I'm in doubt, will there be a gnosis safe of optimism on Xdai or Aox? My dapps use access control and I don't want to ...