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/v1/chains/:chainId/safes/:safeAddress 503 error

Bug description I am experiencing errors when deploying a safe-wallet-web to support the BSC Testnet locally. I have already submitted the transaction to BSC Testnet, the API route: The main page of ...
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What is Safe base API URL for Gnosis Chain?

What is Safe base API URL for Gnosis Chain? Can't find any in the docs Both don't work
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Not receiving attestations on Gnosis Node

I have an Avado i7. I have been running two gnosis validators nodes for over one year. Starting around June 12-14 I stopped receiving attestations rewards. I followed the guidance of the Avado ...
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Unable to propose Gnosis txn using sdk

import SafeApiKit from "@safe-global/api-kit"; import Safe, { SafeFactory } from "@safe-global/protocol-kit"; import { SafeTransactionDataPartial } from "@safe-global/safe-...
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How to add Pulsechain (ChainID 369) with factory proxy Gnosis-Safe existing ETH vault

Last week I managed to create a Polygon Gnosis Safe for my existing vault by adding the factory proxy, given at github:
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Custom Gnosis Safe App, Github/ Magic Link OAuth Login Redirect

We use Github & Magic Link as the main way to authenticate our users. Based on the redirect url we have on our Github OAuth app or Magic link settings, we redirect our users to a static url. Right ...
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Can gnosis safe-core-sdk service function fully offchain with safe-react-gateway-sdk?

The SafeSdk & the gateway API is great, but can it support full offchain signing? From the doc: User1 signs: safeSdk.signTransaction() is offchain, User2 signs with: safeSdk.approveTransactionHash(...
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Who pays for gas fee of POAP?

I know we can mint POAP NFT for free. One question I have is who is paying for the gas? Looking at the POAP transaction it looks like NOT FREE GAS FEE, and someone else mint my POAP NFT. Who ...
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gnosis safe: encoding simulated transactions

I am trying to batch multiple actions inside of a metadata transaction like so: const transactions: MetaTransactionData[] = [{ to: MODULEPROXYFACTORY, data: factoryInit, value: "0&...
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Integration of Gnosis safe with external contracts

Can anyone suggest how a safe created in gnosis UI be inherited with the explicit contract for multisign? I am aware of contract interactions that gnosis provides but the requirement is different. For ...
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How to transfer BEP20 tokens from duplicate Safe created on Binance Smart Chain through safe-cli

I accidentally transferred some BEP20 tokens to my Ethereum safe address. To recover those funds, I contacted your support team, who advised us to create a duplicate safe on the BSC network. We ...
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What are the node providers for Genosis Network (xDai)?

Which node provider can be used to fork Genosis Network (xDai) using brownie? Alchemy, infura and moralis does not provide service. I tried getBlock but doesn't work at all.
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what is the chainlink VRF randomness details for xDai/Gnosis chain?

I looked into docs of chainlink but I couldn't find the VRF details for xDai/Gnosis chain network. Could you please help me find the following details? Chainlink VRF Coordinator address: LINK token ...
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