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has anyone seen this error installing ape?[fixed]

I have ethash installed from C:\block\ethash and i ran pip install eth-ape in C:\block when i got this at the end Building wheels for collected packages: pyethash Building wheel for pyethash (...
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An unexpected error occurred: Error: Cannot find module '@nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox'

When I use the command npx hardhat after successfully creating project via npm and installed hardhat I get such an error An unexpected error occurred: Error: Cannot find module '@nomicfoundation/...
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Debug Hardhat with Foundry

Can you debug a Hardhat project using Foundry? I know that doing Foundry tests on Hardhat is possible through their plugin, but is it possible to debug also?
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When publishing the first version of a plugin into the aragonOSx protocol, what should I put in the parameters?

What should I set as the maintainer? What should I set as the _releaseMetadata? What should I set as the _buildMetadata?
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How could I turn an ERC20 token contract into a plugin in aragonOSx?

When I deploy the dao with the DaoFactory, my second plugin relies on the address of the first plugin... What do you recommend? Should I deploy the second plugin separately after or is there a way to ...
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Foundry remapping error VS Code: foundry config error: stream did not contain valid UTF-8 in Remapping Provider

Im trying to use Foundry with VS Code. -I removed both the default contract and default test and replaced them with my own .sol file -I copied over my remapping file into the root directory using the &...
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How to clean or reset brownie build folder

Is there a command to clear/reset the brownie build folder (including the deployments folder)? It would be a nice feature to have :)
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What are the most prominent dispute resolution frameworks deployed on Ethereum

Dispute Resolution may become a very important paradigm for multidimensional consensus systems such as Ethereum in the near future. In this perspective, I am going through the existing dispute ...
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Brownie INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s)

I installed Brownie succefully, and also am able to make a init project from it. But every time I run brownie I get INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s) I've installed ganache-cli, ...
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Embark Demo Issues

I've been able to open the embark console but I found that there were a few missing messages on the console. It appears that there is "no blockchain" and the status does not show anything. I tried ...
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Which frontend framework is the most Solidity/Ethereum friendly?

I'm coming from 10 years of freelance work using Rails & JQuery. I'm late to the Javascript jamboree of other frameworks, but I've been tinkering with Webpack and node (mainly using other dev's ...
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Web3.js or ? What is the more mature API to interact with Ethereum?

I've started a new Dapp project, and I'am trying to find the best way for a quick prototype (back and front end dev). I'm mostly familiar with Python, so I search every element than I can to build a ...
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Recent development tutorials for DApps?

Most of tutorials I found in the net were either too old or using old frameworks and development tools. I am talking specifically for building end to end DApps. Would you recommend some recent ...
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How can I setup Angular with Truffle?

I've been looking for a way to hook up Angular with Truffle for a demo dApp I'm thinking of building but I'm unsure as to how to setup the development environment that would allow me to work with both ...
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Truffle vs Embark

Truffle Embark Can anyone explain the characteristics of, and differences between, the two frameworks?
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populus : how do i deploy a contract with args in the constructor?

Suppose I have a contract with some parameters that can be passed in the constructor, how am I suppose to pass them within the framework ? I tried to search the docs at the deploy part but can't find ...
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What is the difference between testrpc and EtherSim?

These are both "faux-blockchains" for development purposes. Both are recommended from various people as a good tool when developing in truffle. And I even think both are being developed by the same ...
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Truffle framework with storage

How can I integrate truffle with swarm or ipfs for permanent document storage? Are there any libraries?
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What is embark?

What is the embark framework? Who can use it, who should use it? And what are the benefits?
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What is truffle?

What is the truffle framework? Who can use it, who should use it? And what are the benefits?
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