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the "Stiftung Ethereum", based in Switzerland, funds the initial development of ethereum, whisper and swarm

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Does the Ethereum source code only get updated during hard forks? What about clients?

The goal of Ethereum is to be decentralized, but (cmiiw) at the end of the day it's a collection of code maintained by the Ethereum Foundation. I know they update it and constantly add new, great ...
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Does the Ethereum Foundation foundation accept proposals? [closed]

Can you expand on the role of the foundation in supporting new projects? What is the proposal time-frame and format if there is one? How does one interact with the foundation? Etc...
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Who are the main developers of Ethereum?

Bitcoin has a handful of core developers like Gavin, Mike Hern, and etc that are the gatekeepers to implementing core features depending on community feedback. Who are the core devs in Ethereum and ...
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What are the roles of ETHDEV, ETHCORE and the Ethereum Foundation?

I am trying to understand the institutional setup of Ethereum. I could identify the following institutions: (1) The Ethereum foundation, (2) ETHDEV and (3) ETHCORE. The foundation (1) is apparently ...
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Is there a DAO to vote on Ethereum Foundation development decisions / direction?

I'd like to know if the Ethereum Foundation itself has been decentralized yet. Is there a DAO with which is used to make decentralized decisions? Is it open to public viewing? Closed?
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