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Attesters consider attestations from other attesters at the same slot for getting head?

I was looking into ex-post reorg presentations and documents by Caspar Schwarz. I got something awkward. In ex-post reorg explanation, it seems like attesters doesn't ...
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When does fork choice really checked in Ethereum2.0?

I have a question about when the fork-choice rule is checked in real implementation or in the specification. Maintaining a fork-choice store is important and due to network delay, there may happen ...
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How do uncle blocks remain valid?

Even though Ethereum does not directly use GHOST, stale blocks can be included as uncles for a reward. How can uncle blocks remain valid, as I suppose state transitions must be non-conflicting? The ...
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Fork Choice Rule in Ethereum 2.0?

According to the "Fork choice rule" in Ethereum 2.0 (sharding), how to choose a branch in a fork? (A) or (B) ? (A) branch, which has the most blocks in it. (similar to "longest chain" rule in PoW)...
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"Fork choice rule" : A general term? or a specific algorithm?

Is "Fork choice rule" a general term including all the algorithms used for choosing a branch among other branches in a fork (including longest chain rule etc) ? Or is it a specific algorithm designed ...
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