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Finality is a property of some blockchains where transactions in a subset of the blockchain will always be included in the blockchain.

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How to check if a transaction is finalized?

I understand the concept of TTF (time to finalization) but I still couldn't figure out how to check if a transaction is finalized. Imagine building a gambling app, when we should finalize our game? ...
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Transaction Finalization

According to features of the Ethereum Consensus, the rollbacks of blocks are possible: the block (and so, its transactions) is considered as a finalized one if quite a long chain is built upon the ...
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How would a 50/50 netsplit play out on Ethereum 2 (beaconchain)?

I'd like to know what would happen in terms of penalization of staked validators if there was some sort of major global netsplit that -- for the sake of this question -- resulted in exactly 50% of all ...
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Finality in blockchain consensus

Is Absolute/ Immediate Finality a goal in blockchain consensus or does some areas work better under probabilistic finality such as Ethereum's Pow and to be PoS? (I know that some networks using BFT ...
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Distribution of chain-reorganization events?

I'm curious about, for instance, the frequency of chain reorganizations, and the distribution of their depths. Is this information available anywhere? Mostly this is because I'm interested in rules ...
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Ethereum proof of stake - Is transaction finality/settlement finality finally possible / within reach?

With Ethereum proof of stake, is transaction finality/settlement finality finally possible / within reach?
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Geth PoA Clique and 100% transaction finality

In Bitcoin and Ethereum PoW, we have probabilistic BFT. I.e., the transaction finality will never reach 100%, but it will be very close to that with every further confirmation. How about Geth POA ...
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What is missing to make a successful payment between payer and recipient?

I tested both signing payment and signature verification that is implemented by JavaScript and EthereumJS here: And both of them (signing and verification) properly work, meaning that I am sure the ...