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Export out wallet addresses and token map from a solidity contract

How to export out wallet addresses and ERC721 token ownership map from a solidity contract? I am looking to export this map outside of the contract at anytime as a snapshot then import it into a ...
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Account Extended Private Key / BIP32 Extended Private Key need to import MetaMask?

I would withdraw ETH from my Binance account and give ETH as christmas gift to my nephew and my niece. 1: Is it any drawback in a long run if I use not the ETH network but BSC? In 10-20 years or so. ...
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How to "export table" - save state of ethereum smart contract from ETH blockchain?

In a traditional database you can just export the table and save all the data. For example if you go to etherscan you can view and Read the contract. I would like to know, how could i "export&...
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Openethereum/parity import export

anyone has used export to take a backup and import to load data in openethereum(parity) blockchain? please provide information I have tried export .rlp file and it works but when trying to import ...
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Does Exporting tokens from a metamask account with private key to a wallet, export the ethereum too?

Wanting to know if I’m exporting with my private key from metamask to a wallet will all contents of the MM account be exported? iE will the ethereum be exported along with my Theta token? Or would ...
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Importing Ethereum Account Private Key and Using on Different Servers

Let's suppose i have a wallet on one remote server, R-1. Is it possible to get the private key of that wallet/account and use it on different remote server R-2? I know, i can copy/paste files under ...
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Find a lost private key in text files on Mac

I have been developing a web app and used many autogenerated ETH addresses. I stored all of them into one folder in the next format: /storage 123456789/ mainnet.eth.privateKey: "...
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Backup blockchain from a running geth fullnode

I need to make backups from my running node to be able to start a second node quickly or to restore the node quickly if it gets corrupted. Does geth export work on a running node? is it a good option ...
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Transferring parity blockchain data to another machine does not work

For the past several days I have been trying to transfer the blockchain data from an x86_64 machine to an armv7l machine, hoping that I could avoid having to sync from scratch on the latter. However, ...
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export Blockchain ETH wallet to Myether wallet

Thank you User for your answer. I need to now ask/present this additional information regarding my original question. strong textI initiated a token purchase on CRPT. They are a ERC20 token. I tried ...
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Export Token Holders list of a token to csv

I'm trying to do some distribution calculations on a couple of tokens and could use an export of the token holders list that I can find in Etherscan when I search for a specific token. Since Etherscan ...
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How to get a list of ALL block hashes yet?

I'm looking for a way/link/service to get a list of ALL (~4400000) block hashes yet. Any idea how to get that? Thanks
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Exporting complete blockchain data

I'm considering running statistical analysis on ethereum's blockchain data. That idea assumes that I have all the relevant data in some readable format. So far I've ran a geth node that synced with ...
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Getting private keys of geth accounts

Just the opposite of this question How to import a plain private key into geth or Mist? I would like to know how can I obtain the private keys of the accounts created with geth in this way: $ geth --...
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exporting blockchain from a specific block number

is there an option for the export command in geth to export from only a specific blocknumber? For example if I wanted to export the blockchain but only up to before the DAO attack?
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How do I get the raw private key from my Mist keystore file?

I use the Mist wallet. I would like to know: How I can get the private key of my account. How I can use this private key to sign messages.
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How to export transactions into a CSV file

Is there a simple way to export all transactions related to a specific account/smartcontract to a CSV or some other plain text format?
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