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Questions tagged [expanse]

Questions regarding Expanse, a fork of Ethereum running on its own chain, without Ethereum's difficulty bomb, and with a lower currency supply (EXP).

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2 votes
1 answer

RPC Error: Methods Not Found

I am using the Expanse version of go-ethereum to play with Expanse. I am exposing the RPC port over the 'net, and connecting to it using "geth attach" from another computer. None of the commands ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Issue "grabbing DAG" for ethminer (but not for expanse)

I installed Geth, and successfully synced the blockchain. However, regardless of whether I use Ethminer, Ethminer with Stratum Proxy, or qtMiner; I always get the same error. It doesn't really throw ...
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How does Expanse handle peer discovery?

I am seeing a lot of posts that suggest that peer discovery isn't possible on private networks. Here is one: Automatic peer discovery in a private blockchain And another (less clear on this point): ...
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