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How to get browser signer in Ethers.js 6?

I use Web3-Onboard to connect to Ethereum in a browser: const [{ wallet, connecting }, connect, disconnect] = useConnectWallet() // ... ethersProvider = new ethers.BrowserProvider(wallet.provider, '...
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How do I obtain a signer object from a named account address in a Hardhat project?

In my Hardhat project, I'm using the hardhat-deploy plugin to manage named accounts, and I need to obtain signer objects associated with these named account addresses to interact with my smart ...
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Get signer for Blockchain API without private Key

I have a ERC-20 token and I have a smart contract to but and sell the tokens . I have also created frontend and API for this. In the frontend I get signer from the wallet but to do it in the backend I ...
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How i can sign transaction automatically?

Imagine i get an approve from some wallet to access some amount of ERC20 token, I wanna to sent this amount of token in a transaction, every time my contract calls for transfer these tokens, but that ...
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Sign one contract to spend ERC20 tokens on behalf of another contract in Hardhat unit test with Ethers

I am trying to create an app that has two contracts and one contract needs to get the approval from the user to spend ERC20 tokens to another contract. While trying to create a hardhat unit test for ...
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Transaction failed during the createPool UniswapV3 function execution on Goerli network

I'm trying to call CreatePool function from UniswapV3Factory on Goerli newtork using Infura node, so i passed two ERC20 tokens with 0.3 fee existed in the network as input parameters and that dosen't ...
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Can I make a transaction using Etherjs without signer?

Is it possible in EtherJS to execute a transaction/s without using signer ? Or If we could setup the signer one time and use that signer indefinitely.
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Ethsigner v22.1.3 - -32700 Parse Error on any calls

I am running ethsigner/v22.1.3/windows-x86_64/oracle-java. Here's my command to start ethsigner to connect to Ropsten d:\Projects\Ethsigner\ethsigner-22.1.3\bin\ethsigner --chain-id=3 --downstream-...
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