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Maximum calldata size per block

I'm trying to use calldata to store data. It works fine with some smaller datasets (50kb), but for some reason when I try store ~150kb I get the following error code : -32603 message : "[ethjs-...
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Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC: "message":"invalid sender"

I'm using MetaMask with an app I'm developing, and previously working functions are now returning a quite ferocious error. This error has been duplicated on a number of functions in the platform, so I ...
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MetaMask not prompting for transaction when calling method with ethjs

I am trying to interact with a contract that i've created on Rinkeby (0xff1175c8030083dbf211bf6e2e1e7e1182a8f8bb) I have my provider detected, wrapped with ethjs. When I try to read the contract, ...
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why the below error is thrown when doing transaction with metamask to the truffle

the error is thrown is shown in the below picture.While doing the transaction an error stating ethjs-rpc with payload["id:761..,Jsonrpc:"2.0","params":"0xf8..]
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How to debug a "rpc error with payload"

Debugging smart contract errors can be surprisingly hard. There is one particular kind of error that annoys me the most: the infamous rpc error with payload. For instance, just a few hours ago, while ...
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web3.js error ethjs-query gives out error in write contract functions

Hi I am getting error Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting inputs '[{"0":false}]' for method 'getTransactionReceipt' error: Error: [ethjs-format] hex string '[object Object]' must be an ...
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metamask fails to be enable on the ethjs examples

I enabled the metamask by uncommenting the section regarding metamask on ethjs examples from Github but they were no connection and examples seem not been deployed. I am wondering if there is ...
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ENS name reverse is not working on Ethereum address

I'm trying to both resolve and lookup using "ethjs-ens" the lookup call is working correctly. However, the resolve call is throwing an empty error. The address I'm using on the reverse function is ...
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What is the difference between web3.js and ethjs?

I've seen people using both in their codes - and Do I need both? Does ethjs depend on web3?
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Error when trying to set a value to 0

I have a mapping that maps addresses to uints: mapping (address => uint256) mapAddress; A function then assigns a counter to the address: mapAddress[msg.sender] ++; This gives me 1. The ...
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MetaMask/mascara integration for no metamask users

I am creating iframe based metamask. github source HTML <script src=""></script> <script src="/javascripts/ethjs-query.min.js"></...
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How to convert Hexadecimal values into readable format?

I'm using etherscan API to fetch the event logs:
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web3.js or eth.js?

After receiving the warning: MetaMask: web3 will be deprecated in the near future in favor of the ethereumProvider I attempted to use eth.js But I am not convinced that it is production ready. ...
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How to convert BN result into readable string or number in ethjs?

I'm receiving the result in BN format. How can I convert it into actual string or number? I'm using ethjs library to interact with Smart Contract. token.totalSupply().then((totalSupply) => { // ...
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ethjs - call function with multiple parameters

In my smart contract i have two functions: function getPawnOfSponsorship(address invitedPerson) public view returns(uint) { return (pawnList[msg.sender][invitedPerson]);} function ...
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eth.balance() shows random alphanumeric content

const HttpProvider = require('ethjs-provider-http'); const Eth = require('ethjs-query'); const eth = new Eth(new HttpProvider('')); eth.getBalance("...
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