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How to handle transferring ERC20 tokens (such as USDT) with delegation to pay the gas fees on behalf of users?

I am working on creating wallets and generating addresses to be provided to a number of users. I am wondering how can I enable them to transfer their ERC20 tokens(such as USDT) without having any Eth ...
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Will Ethereum 2.0 gas cost decrease?

I want to generate large number of transaction probably in thousands per day to store document hashes of certificates from Universities so that I can verify the integrity of documents through time ...
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How does Ethgasstation algorithm work?

I would like to understand how the Ethgasstation algorithm works. I did not find its explanation of reasoning. I found the explanation of another algorithm that looks like Ethgasstation but not ...
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how to install ethereum in raspbian? recipe for target 'geth' failed make: *** [geth] Error 2 please provide me the solution ?
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Gas SafeLow historical data

I am doing some gas analysis work and I really want to find or generate a dataset for historical SafeLow gas prices as defined by EthGasStation: “A price that at least 5% of the network hashpower ...
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Posted blocks on ethgasstation/Low gas price watchlist

Does anyone understand the posted blocks on ethgasstation/Low gas price watchlist? I would guess that posted block < mined block is always true - but this is not what I see there.
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