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Use the tag for questions specifically about using the Rust library for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. This includes queries about installation, functionalities, transactions, and smart contract interactions within a Rust environment.

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How do I convert from big endian to little endian types in ethers-rs?

Ethers-rs uses big-endian types when instantiating its I256 type from a raw value with from_raw. How do you reverse the endianness to get a little endian U256 type?
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How to ABI encode a contract function using ethers

The following function sends a transaction using ethers. Running this gives the error TypeError: func.format is not a function. What am I doing wrong? import { Contract, getDefaultProvider, AbiCoder, ...
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How to decode tx data with Rust

I am trying to decode the tx data using the ethersrs crate with Rust. From the crate source code, I can see that it is possible to decode using an instance of the BaseContract type. However, I cannot ...
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Provider does not live long enough

Using, I'm trying to listen to multiple steams at the same time. To do this, I have multiple steps: I first receive the provider address as parameter: async fn start( &self, ...
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