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Querying for Ethereum nodes (like how does it)

I'm wondering how works on the backend. Did they just have a script using devp2p ( or ...
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How does discover nodes?

I am running my light-client at the moment and wanted to know, how does discover nodes? And is it possible to get discovered using a light node? Thanks in advance!
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Why eth nodes found in ethernodes drop so much?

I have just visited ethernodes (a website that records eth nodes)and found the nodes it found has drop to 3990 while this number is 10K about 2months ago.What happen?Is it true that Ethereum nodes are ...
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Ethereum Geth Node Syncing Issues

I am currently synchronizing an Ethereum geth full node and am noticing some oddities in my log after roughly 4 days. I followed the below tutorial, using the same version etc. :
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Connect Geth Node with my asics

I've looked all over the internet but couldn't find an answer. So I've installed GETH and it's fully synced on my server. What is the easiest way to connect my asics and start solo mining. Do I need ...
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Low Peer Count For a light ethereum node

I am running a Light node via Geth in a Debian OS . i am getting 1/2 max peers and for many hours of the day with 0 peers . what is the solution ? how to get atleast one peer everytime ?
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Private Blockchain Node Migration

I had a private ethereum blockchain with 1 node running in production. I accidentally ran a geth init genesis.json --datadir . command in my main node. Did this command overwrite the data directory ...
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Is it possible to use address you don't own while running ethereum RPC node (using geth)?

In other words, you start your own node and then somehow add accounts you don't own (aka - you don't have their private keys)? I'm asking because I wanted to make my own node exposed via RPC/...
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Developer downloading ledger reasoning? [duplicate]

My question is a little odd, but I will ask it anyways. From a development perspective, knowing that there is a service such as Infura, why would a developer download the whole ledger? Infura ...
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Full node disconnected in a whole country

Why is it important to have at least a few full nodes running in a specific country? Does e.g. Spain have any advantage to run ETH full nodes? Thank you.
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Is every node connected to all other nodes?

In ethereum network, does every node has to be connected to each and every other node in the network? Or for syncing, they just connect to any random node?
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how do I know which node picks up my transaction? in general, how is a node assigned to broadcast a specific transaction?

How do I know what node is broadcasting my transaction to the network? how can i get more information about this node? for example, how do i know if the node is a geth or parity node? does it matter?
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Techniques to count nodes [duplicate]

What are the different techniques to count nodes in ethereum? has a count of nodes, how can we verify if that is true ? Are there any other techniques to do similar counting. Can you ...
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Is there a host node for ETC similar to infura?

I want to connect to a node test using web3's HTTPProvider, and I don't want to spend time deploying a node.
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How could I view tx pool on rinkeby via infura?

I use rinkeby test network over infura provider from nodejs app. Some of my transactions stuck in pending state. They are not shown in etherscan explorer pending list, but could be found by the hash. ...
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How does a node handle smart contracts during sync?

I was thinking to set up an Ethereum full node, but have some questions I can’t find the answers to. Does my node have to execute every smart contract that was put in the blockchain over the past ...
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Should I use mainnet node provided by infura or create my own? [duplicate]

I am trying to implement a solution in my current system where payments can be made via ethereum main network. I have done some research and found out that I have two options of implementation: Use ...
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Why is the value of "net.peerCount" keep changing, though, I've ONLY 2 nodes in my Local Private Ethereum Network?

I'm currently setting up Local Private Ethereum Network using Puppeth. And followed the steps provided in tutorial: Provisioning a Local Private Ethereum Network with Puppeth . As per the above ...
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Is there any way to keep track of the fork flags in the live network?

Or in other words, how is the voting going right now. Ethernodes' crawler tells me there are 1072 nodes online right now running version 1.4.10 (search for "1.4.10"). I cannot see however whether they ...
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How many nodes are there on the Ethereum network?

When looking on the Ethereum Network Status site, only a limited number of nodes are listed. How can I discover how many nodes there are currently running in total?
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