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Implementing vote escrow with multiple positions and non-linear decay

I want to do vote escrow. I know that Curve is the most popular implementation. My problem with it is I want to allow multiple positions and a non-linear decay. I'd like to not write from scratch. ...
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Is it possible to create a 1Inch limit order, when tokens are stored in a smart contract?

I am trying to find a way to create a 1inch order, where I wouldn't be holding the tokens, but would only be approved. Currently, 1inch requires the signature of the token holder when placing an order,...
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How to build an escrow contract that accepts ERC20 tokens like usdt, usdc etc not only ether

I am building an escrow smart contract, i would like the escrow to be able to receive ERC20 tokens preferably stable coins like USDT OR USDC and not ether. Is there a way to implement this to my ...
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I cannot make multiple transaction tests on an escrow smart contract

I created an escrow contract, which typically has 3 major external functions; 'fund', 'refundBuyer' and 'release'. Only the buyer, can call these functions, he funds the contract with 'fund', if he ...
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Is this timelock escrow smart contract safe?

I am making a time-based escrow smart contract in which anyone can put in money, and only take that money out after a minute has passed. They can also increase the amount of money that is held in ...
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I am unable to transfer an ERC721 token that is owned by the wallet calling the function to the contract address the function belongs to

This is the start of a contract i'm writing, to enable two parties to trade ERC721 tokens via an escrow service. The first step in the contract is that the trade initiator will deposit a token to the ...
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how can i check hashcode and th amount

I'm new in Solidity, therefore if I have a wrong concept of anything kindly do explain. I'm working for a personal escrow smart contract that should include these functions: 1- function deposit from ...
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Self Escrow Smart Contract Not Paying Out Money

I have a self escrow contract deployed on the Rinkeby Test Network. The goal of this contract is to store the owner's money for a period of time, and then pay it back when that period is over. Here is ...
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Escrow.sol: The called function should be payable if you send value and the value you send should be less than your current balance

I'm trying to do Escrow.sol with ERC20 token. When I deploy the Escrow.sol on Remix and wanna deposit 10 tokens, it appears The called function should be payable if you send value and the value you ...
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Curve Voting Escrow Explanations

Curve Voting Escrow has gradually become the de facto approach for DeFi projects of gaining, decaying and consuming voting power through the functions on their smart contract. The original contract ...
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NFT marketplace: transfer NFT directly from seller to buyer, or go through the marketplace first?

I'm developing a simple NFT marketplace where people can connect their own collections (each one having its own smart contract) and put those collection's NFTs for sale. I saw a tutorial where the ...
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Lock and unlock token smart contract

What is best way to write a smart-contract that can allow manual locking and unlocking of token specified by user without requiring transaction fee? say and escrow lock and unlock of of asset.
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Schedule payment of ETH from polygon network to Ethereum network

I want to design a contract in polygon network which receives crypto (ETH) from sender and sends it to the receiver on a timely basis may be monthly. I am not sure if it is possible without polygon ...
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