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Storage algorithms for Decentralized Storage System

I am working on a project to build a decentralized storage system compatible with Ethereum blockchain. I am confused between Erasure coding and Proof-of-Replication to use for data redundancy storage ...
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How do i redirect any transaction entering my wallet to the parent wallet

My wallet private key has been conpromised and anytime I receive any eth transaction it automatically redirect to the Hacker wallet address almost immediately I'm so confused right now I need all the ...
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"Self-destruct" use cases?

According to (Link) here is the definition of Self-destruct: "Definition: The only way to remove code from the blockchain is when a contract at that address performs the ...
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ELI5 what are erasure codes?

Reading this article, I understand that erasure codes are a potential solution to the data availability issue in sharding. That is, a light node can have higher certainty regarding the contents of a ...
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