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provide self computing power to a specific selected contract transactions

I'm reading about smart contract, but not sure how a developers can: provide computer power for its own contract and/or accelerate that contract transactions on the network. Current Possible ...
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How is multiparty computation (MPC) possible using Ethereum?

MPC involves running calculations on numbers, perhaps from different parties, and sharing the result without anyone seeing the underlying data. Even the person operating the computer cannot access the ...
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How does Enterprise Ethereum manage authentication?

I`m sorry for my bad english. I am struggling between enterprise ethereum and hyperledger fabric. I saw in the docs that Hyperledger fabric manages parts of certification and accreditation. How is ...
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Benefits of Zero Knowledge Proofs [closed]

I have been watching these videos: 'Kent Barton & Alex Gluchowski ~ Scaling With Zero Knowledge' Scalable blockchains as data ...
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Any company out there offering enterprise-grade support/maintenance for geth?

In strictly regulated enterprises, like banks for instance, often it is required to have support/maintenance for the software in usage. From the Ethereum community I know that Parity Technologies is ...
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Ethereum adoption in Enterprise without tokens/Ethers

from an enterprise perspective, we may not need to deal with tokens/ethers. Can an enterprise use ethereum at the same time decide not to use tokens/ethers (for example not supplying gas for every ...
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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance - Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack (EEAS)

I read through the just released EEA Stack and Specification accessible at It is a great first step in the ...
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What data should be stored in contracts or tokens

After watching a sales force movie where they have a session on how they are integrating their product into the blockchain they talk of an example on capturing all the data from the supply chain ...
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How to ensure security on private consortium?

When you have a private/permissioned ethereum consortium, you are somehow trusting the members of the network. How do you prevent a single user for tampering part of or the full chain, given that it ...
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ERP systems and Ethereum

I wanted to know the integration state of ERP system (like SAP) and Ethereum. Is there an API that allow a smart contract to fetch information from a ERP to store that data? Thanks in advance Best!
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B2B Payments through Blockchain Technology [closed]

what does it take for a large enterprise to shift from regular bank payments methods to Ethereum payments. How will it impact their supplies?
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Why do crypto-currency ventures pivot towards serving banks and what is Ethereum's approach? [closed]

I am new to the world of blockchains. I worked briefly for a blockchain venture until they started working with banks. Not a judgement call, I am simply more drawn to crypto-currencies as a fuel for ...
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Big Data/IoT projects on Ethereum [closed]

Can you provide names of Big Data or IoT projects (other than currently running on Ethereum? I'm especially interested in how Big Data could use it or whether a combination of IPFS and ...
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Which corporate companies have funded Ethereum? [closed]

Ethereum raised 18 million via crowdfunding, but has any other corporations put funding into Ethereum yet?
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