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GAP Diffie Hellman implementation?

Does anyone know any Gap-DH elliptical curve implementation with pairings in solidity? I have found a few doing BLS but all of them are asymmetric pairing implementations.
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Alphabets in x , y coordinates of Elliptic graph

I was reading about the ethereum address generation process. I am very confused that when Private key generated is processed under "Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm" , we get a ...
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Pre-compiled contract - ecmul

I am experimenting the ecmul opcode (inside the EccMul function) where I can multiply the given generator with the given number. pragma solidity ^0.8.0; contract TestEccMul { struct G1Point { ...
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Recover public key from signature and address only works with MetaMask provider

I have to implement a login system with a web3modal using WalletConnect & MetaMask. After many attempts, it seems that all the existing source codes about this on the internet only work with ...
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Recover address from signature works only with MetaMask

I try to implement Web3 login to my page. It works with MetaMask, but with other wallets (like LRC, Coinbase or Argent) it doesn't - recovered address differs from the original one. Ethereum\EcRecover ...
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Why my private key is generating different public address?

I'm using that Javascript code to generate three things: private key, public key and public address (last 40 characters from public key): const EC = require('elliptic').ec; const ec = new EC('...
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Using an ERC20 crowdsale for a non-Ethereum based coin

I am confused as to how a crowdsale works. If in a crowdsale, people give their Ethereum to a new coin to be entered in a smart contract. Doesn't that mean that the receiving end of the contract (...
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Cheap EC Operations on Unsupported Curves

I want to be able to verify signatures created by smart meters. Unfortunately, their signature algorithm doesn't use curve ALT_BN_128 but BrainpoolP256r1. I wrote this verification algorithm that ...
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ECC scalar multiplication

I'm now trying to use scalar multiplication to recover v, but I have questions with ECC scalar multiplication. I'm wondering if the following equations are correct. If scalar * P = Q, then scalar * (...
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VM revert on Scalar Multiplication in pre-compiled contracts

I tried to build a wrapper around the precompiled contracts as follows: If you paste it into Remix and deploy it, inputting any (...
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discover if a binary data contains Ethereum address in it?

Is there a way to guess, with some level of probability , that a 20 byte array is an Ethereum address, besides doing a query against the current StateDB and its history ? I want to discover hidden ...
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Can private keys change once created?

Can private keys change once the public key (address) is created?
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