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How EIP 150 gas cost algorithm works on each stack level?

Based on EIP 150 change the call depth attach. EIP and EIP-discussion: Note that with the given parameters, the de-facto maximum call stack depth is limited to ~340 (down from ~1024), mitigating ...
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How was the state-bloat attack that led to the EIP 150 hardfork performed?

I understand that SELFDESTRUCT and mispricing of opcodes allowed many empty accounts to be created cheaply as explained in Why were empty accounts allowed to be on the blockchain? The answer to that ...
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Upgrading geth after EIP150 Hardfork

Due to the recent EIP150 Hardfork in Ethereum my Geth node needed an upgrade from v1.4.10 to v1.4.18: cd ethereum wget "
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How does EIP 150 change the call depth attack?

It seems that EIP-150 introduced a more expensive gas based restriction on the call stack and completely removed the previous 1024 hard stack limit. Is this true? It seems it took cues from EIP-90 &...
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