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Questions tagged [eip-1167]

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Minimal proxy contract, can make pair but can’t add liquidity

I have a cloneFactory which produces ERC20 compliant clones based on a master template. I’m able to deploy my clones and even create pairs for the clones. But when I want to add liquidity (...
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Can we override the private variable in base contract?

Background: I'm using an opezeppellin Erc20 contract. but i want to use it for minimal proxy pattern(eip-1167). so for that reason i cannot use constructor and have to use the initialize method. Now I'...
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factory implementation etherscan verification

I have a contract and its factory. The factory allows cloning of the contract through EIP-1167. Although I can deploy the factory and verify it easily on etherscan: hardhat verify --network <...
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Ownable Minimal Proxy (EIP-1167)

I'm trying to create a clone from a contract that has some privileged functions and inherits from Ownable. I realized that after cloning the owner variable is zeroed, so any privileged function, such ...
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How to deploy an EIP1167 proxy contract from an EOA's transaction

I have seen a number of examples where people deploy proxies with other contracts. For example, here. Where can I read / see an example of how to construct and send an EOA's transaction to deploy a ...
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