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Dynamic update of struct field inside mapping

I have a struct struct Shots{ uint coverDrive; uint straightDrive; uint pull; uint squareCut; } and I used a mapping mapping(address => Shots) public BattingSkill; Now I want to ...
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Passing additional data with governance proposal

I'm creating a governor which handles multiple choice voting. My issue is how I can leverage the results in the contracts. My initial thought was to dynamically inject the results at the end of the ...
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What if a dynamic call at the end of a function uses all the remaining gas of the caller?

Suppose we have a contact like this: contract x { function y() external { // do some magic! if (some_condition) {"...
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Can external solidity functions get called within the same contract dynamically?

Assume we have the following solidity contract: contract khiar { function mooz(uint size) external { // do something with mooz! } function bademjoon(uint size) external { /...
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