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How to calculate ETH percentage supply in profit?

I'm trying to calculate the ETH percentage supply in profit. Definition is: The percentage of circulating supply in profit, i.e. the percentage of existing coins whose price at the time they last ...
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Do dune analytics `creation_traces` data include contracts created by other contracts?

Or do they only check to see for a to address to be blank in a transaction. Does it find all CREATE/CREATE2 opcodes -> meaning an EoA or contract deployment?
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Calculating number of validators on dune

to find total validators on eth , i am using below logics >> SELECT sum(amount_staked) FROM staking_ethereum.deposits as a, SELECT sum(amount)/1e9 FROM ethereum.withdrawals as b , and my output ...
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How to delete a dune dashboard I created?

How to delete a dune dashboard I created? cannot find any solution or docs on this.
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convert time to utc in Dune Query

I can create a query on the DuneAnalytics site, but the default date format for a field is "2022-02-08 02:44", which downloads to csv as "2022-02-08T02:44:46+00:00". Does anyone ...
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Convert address to string in Dune dashboard

I am playing with a query that does the job (not optimized yet), but I need some formatting in the sender column. This is what I need: Get rid of the initial '\' returned as sender Append a 0 on ...
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