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2 answers

Cannot find a value for the configuration variable 'INFURA_API_KEY'

I am setting up a npx hardhat project and it can't read my .env vars. Error HH1201: Cannot find a value for the configuration variable 'INFURA_API_KEY'. I looked at example to read the env vars. Any ...
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1 answer

process.env.key is showing the actual api key in source code

In my js file I am using: const apikey = process.env.REACT_APP_API_KEY; In the .env file I have: REACT_APP_API_KEY = 123456789 Everything is working fine BUT, when I start (npm run start) and then go ...
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3 answers

Can't read value from '.env' file in my hardhat project

I am trying to read variable values from my .env file here, but all I am getting is values are undefined. require("@nomicfoundation/hardhat-toolbox") require('dotenv').config() const ...
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Where can I upload a secret file that no one should have access to except my site?

I want to create a website that will transfer money in real time from my ethereum wallet to another ethereum wallet. To do this, I use the web3.js library in the javascript file. This js file also ...
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.env not setting variables [closed]

I am following this course and so far so good, but when I try to set up variables in my .env file it simply doesn't work. It's like I am writing in a blank ...
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2 answers

python-dotenv fails to import PRIVATE_KEY from .env file: "Cannot convert None of type <class 'NoneType'> to bytes"

I am learning solidity and when I use python-dotenv to import my PRIVATE_KEY from a .env file, export PRIVATE_KEY = 0xd6a5ea3d2c97b1dd03fd1b9c447e36791522135136665f23b0c08c6395f66d7a it imports it as ...
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