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For questions regarding using the Docker virtualisation tool.

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Running a custom private go-ethereum node cluster using docker

Here is a set up I have been working on and am having issues with ability to create a private network with peers. Basic set up: Used the dockerfile from
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Cannot attach to geth node running inside container

I am trying to run a node inside a docker container. I am able to run a geth node locally, and attach it via IPC with these simple commands: geth --fast --cache=512 Then geth attach, it works fine. ...
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Adding nodes in private network of docker containers hosted in different VMs

I am trying to create a non-local private network with go-ethereum running on docker containers hosted in different Virtual Machines. I am having a hard time trying to make the nodes recognize each ...
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Puppeth running on Mac with localhost always return err="docker configured incorrectly: bash: docker: command not found\n"

Anybody tried running puppeth on Mac (Sierra or higher) with localhost as the servers with any success? Please share it here, because I always get err="docker configured incorrectly: bash: docker: ...
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How to connect to Ethereum node (geth) via IPC from outside of docker container

I'm using docker-compose to run ethereum node with Docker: # ethereum node ethereum: container_name: ethereum-node image: ethereum/client-go:v1.8.10 ports: - "8545:8545" - ...
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