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Why doesn't the ENS public resolver support IP address resolution?

I wondered if there are any well-considered reasons behind the decision to not support a standardized record for IP addresses (e.g. A/AAAA records by IETF) through the public resolver and the offical ...
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Who publishes the default DNS discovery list

Geth v1.9.11 introduced support for DNS discovery. According to the code, the default DNS list is hosted on See also: Who publishes this ...
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How does one query the Ethereum ENS name service via an API endpoint with a JSON response?

Using the is there a way to query the ENS name service using an API endpoint and get a JSON response? I want to be able to integrate these eth addresses into my application.
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Decentralizing DNS using Blockchain

I intend to do a project on Decentralizing DNS using Blockchain. As I was researching this topic, Namecoin was a name that popped up a lot. On searching further, I got to know that Namecoin hosts ....
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How to point a domain registered with ENS to IPFS content?

After securing a .eth domain, how do you point the domain to resolve to an IPFS hash?
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Use DNS TXT records for wallet address resolution?

Are there any Ethereum wallet projects using DNS TXT records to resolve wallet addresses? Setting a TXT record would allow users to have a human readable wallet "address", eg $ dig TXT ...
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Is it possible to use domain names in place of IP addresses for peer nodes (static nodes) or bootnotes in the configuration for starting a geth node?

I've searched quite a bit not been able to find any examples using domain names or indeed any reason why it can't be used. e.g. to start a node with bootnodes, the format is as below using ip ...
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Mix doesn't render browser window - "unable to resolve the server's DNS address"

I am trying to do the Mix getRating tutorial from GitHub. After I enter the solidity code and the html code, the Mix status bar indicates that it compiled successfully. However, the browser windows ...
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How dependent is the ethereum client on the router and DNS being trusted?

Another way to put it: what is the root of trust for a full client on a network that has a potentially untrusted (or "owned") router+DNS? As I was going through the ethereum wiki semi-randomly, I ...
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