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Geth - running out of disk space

We are running a Ethereum archive node whose datadir size is almost 13TB now and our disk has started running almost out of space. So, we are looking for a way to distribute the geth datadir to ...
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Run Ethereum node with custom requirements

I want to run my own Ethereum Mainnet node. I need it for an analytics system that will need to query blocks that are at most 24 hours old. I don't care if the node syncs regularly during the day - I ...
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Vastly different disk usage between Parity v2.5 and v2.7

I've got a main ethereum node for business use running Parity version v2.5.13-stable-253ff3f-20191231/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.40.0 on an AWS instance and a near exact replica of that setup as a "...
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ethereum world state size analysis

i am currently researching on the ethereum world state and i need updatad data of space that world state takes up in the storage. the latest data that i found is
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