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Questions about devp2p, the secure networking suite used by Ethereum.

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Why aren't bootnodes responding to my ping?

I have impemented custom Ethereum node and I've been trying to ping bootnodes, but sometime in the past three months they stopped responding to me. The specific bootnode I've been trying to ping is ...
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Relationship between TCP, RLPx transport protocol and subprotocol packet

I'm currently trying to understand the structure of the rlpx transport protocol messages, so I depicted these scheme, based on my understanding of the description of the single frame packet at this ...
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How to get node info by 30303 port?

I need to create something like or First of all, I tried to implement Discovery Protocol by own, but after couple of minutes I realized that specs are too hard ...
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How to simulate p2p network for blockchain systems?

I am wondering how to build a simulator to simulate P2P network for blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Specifcally, how to simulate transaction processing and propogation. Also, the same thing ...
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DEVP2P character encoding - please clarify 'ASCII'

Please can someone clarify if DEVP2P wire protocol specifies byte-sized 7 bit encoding when it refers to 'ASCII'? i.e. 3 bytes
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Re-Sync with same enodeId

Is there any benefit or detriment to keeping the same endodeId by maintaining the keystore when performing a fresh sync on an otherwise already in sync node? By maintaining the endodeId does it ...
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Ethereum peer to peer load balancer

Is there any existing TCP load balancer product that is enode aware?
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RLPx - Capability Messaging

I am currently having a look into the RLPx protocol and trying to understand on how two nodes exchange their capabilities. Each subprotocol has a number of defined messages. eth has 12 messages (ids ...
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Why nodes are not discovering each other in my private network?

I have created a private network with my own Genesis file. My private network has totally 4 systems(1 bootnode and other 3 are nodes). I am running the bootnode in v4 using these two commands. ...
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Ethereum network on TCP vs QUIC protocol (UDP-based) on data transferring

I'm new to the Geth p2p network (devp2p). Devp2p uses both TCP and UDP to run it's networking protocol. The TCP is for the data transferring between each node and the UDP is for nodes discovery. I ...
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Querying for Ethereum nodes (like how does it)

I'm wondering how works on the backend. Did they just have a script using devp2p ( or ...
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Node not connecting to static/trusted peers etherum geth [ public network ]

I followed all the steps of adding trusted and static peers: Manually adding the peers to configuration file config.toml Using addTrustedPeers and addPeers of the geth console set the --nodiscover ...
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Possibility of spoofing miners in Ethereum

Ethereum uses node IDs to identify nodes uniquely and to route traffic between nodes based on the node discovery protocol ( built on Kademlia-...
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